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Comprehensive Policy

As an international air transportation carrier, the Volaris Executive Team sets forth a commitment to all Customers and Stakeholders to comply with all applicable regulations of the aviation industry, including those regarding safety and health in work, environmental policies, and all standards established or adopted by the organization as an essential priority to guarantee: quality, air safety, corporate security, prevention of any unsafe actions and conditions, Ambassador health promotion, and the prevention of environmental pollution.

Attaining a culture where quality, aviation safety, aviation security, emergency response, occupational safety and health, and environmental care are core operational priorities, Volaris commits to provide the resources to achieve this policy and encourage continuous improvement.

At Volaris we accept errors as a human condition, but under no circumstances we accept negligence. Consequently, we have an immunity policy in place, detailed in our Operational Safety Manual.



José Alfonso Lozano, Volaris Director of Corporate Affairs: jose.lozano@volaris.com

Ximena Fuentes, Institutional Relations: ximena.fuentes@volaris.com