Industrial Safety and Civil Protection

We strive to guarantee safe working spaces and ensure our Ambassadors’ wellbeing, as well as to comply with official occupational health and safety regulations and laws. We have 45 safety and hygiene brigades, responsible for making periodic visits to our facilities and verify compliance with all applicable standards. In addition, we collaborate with the National Coordination for Civil Protection and with aeronautical authorities to create synergies in these topics.

During the year, we carried out the following safety actions:


Occupational health and safety

At Volaris, we have an occupational health management system aimed at maintaining safe workspaces so all Ambassadors can enjoy physical and mental wellbeing.

The health management system includes programs such as health campaigns and fairs, vaccination, cancer prevention, health, and safety training –especially for pilots and flight attendants, who have the greatest health risks due to their activities–, hygiene advice, medical evaluations to the personnel of the operational area and accident investigation (along with the industrial safety area).