Responsible Supply Chain Management Program

In 2019, we detected the importance of having a Responsible Supply Chain Management Program and, as part of our 2020 Sustainability Strategy, we committed to implementing this Program.

Therefore, we developed the Responsible Supply Chain Management Model, including all the aspects that are part of our virtuous circle, together with our suppliers, to strengthen our sustainable commitment.

The Model’s main goal is to strengthen relationships and raise awareness among our suppliers on the importance of assuming a real commitment regarding ESG issues (environmental, social, and governance) to create competitive value to support society.



1. Reduce cost and optimize resources, as well as maintain the highest operational efficiency standards.


2. Manage the supply chain responsibly.


3. Adopt the best transparency mechanisms in all procurement operations.


4. Develop a resilient team and supply chain.


5. Implement the Responsible Supply Chain Management Program based on international standards and indicators.

Project phases