Our Avión Ayuda Volaris program is one of the initiatives that create the greatest value for society in the communities where we operate. Through our operations and the largest route network in Mexico, we transport by air, safely and efficiently, humanitarian aid, organs and tissues for transplant purposes, medical personnel, volunteers, patients, and people who are in some vulnerable situation due to: natural disasters emergencies, humanitarian/migratory crises, health emergencies, emergencies, and medical treatments, as well as to fulfill dreams. 

The pillars that comprise the Avión Ayuda Volaris program are:


Human Rights Protection Program

The Code-ECPAT

We continued our efforts in alliance with The Code-ECPAT International and the membership as Top Member for the 7th consecutive year to prevent prostitution, pornography, and trafficking of girls, boys, and adolescents for sexual purposes in the context of travel and tourism.

We acknowledge our responsibility to contribute to the development of an ethical market within the legal framework as well as sustainable tourism. We are committed to establishing a zero-tolerance policy in the Volaris value chain against commercial sexual exploitation of girls, boys, and adolescents in travel and tourism.

Volaris is the first airline in Mexico and Latin America and the second worldwide to implement The Code.