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In Volaris, we like to make things differently, that is why we want you to have the best flying experience. Our Help Center will provide you fast and improved service. 

To give you better assistance, we created a QR Code, the best way to link up with Your Experience Help Center.


What is a QR code and how does it work?

A QR code is similar to a barcode and it works by scanning it with a smartphone or tablet. Your device can read the code and when you scan it, you are taken directly to a link or document. The Volaris QR code takes you directly to the Your Experience Help Center form.


Link up with the Help Center

When you scan our QR code, you will be taken to a simple form where you can share your comments with us. Volaris responds to every comment, and we always look for the best solution for each case.

This is the place to ask us to clarify something, get a suggestion, or even congratulate us. It's also the perfect way to connect with a Customer Service agent.


Faster service and better assistance

We revamped ourselves to provide you with a better experience.

With this new way to contact us, we can provide quicker responses to your comments and offer exceptional service to help secure your loyalty.


What do you need to connect via QR code?

You need a smartphone with a camera and Internet or mobile data.

For iOS devices (iPhone), just the camera is enough to scan it. If your Android device cannot directly read the QR code, you can download the QR Code Reader app in the Play Store.


Find our QR code at…

You can scan the Volaris QR code on the banners in airports where we operate, with any of our airport agents, in our inflight magazine, V de Volaris, or in our inflight menu.

Quick guide to link up with our Help Center

how to contact Volaris help center