Checked Baggage

What is Checked Baggage?

Checked baggage is baggage that goes inside the airplane's cargo hold. You must go to the Volaris desk at the airport so that the baggage tags can be attached and so it can be dispatched to the aircraft.

What is included in my flight?

The baggage allowance and services included in your flight vary depending on the type of reservation you choose.

Allowed weight 

The weight limit for checked baggage is 55 lb (25 kg).


Pay with INVEX

The advantage of using Volaris INVEX credit cards is that you will earn an extra allowance of up to 22 lb (10 kg) for the 2 permitted items of carry-on baggage. You'll also have the right to take 1 additional checked bag weighing up to 77 lb (35 kg)  for all domestic and international flights (only applies to INVEX and INVEX 2.0).

 *Volaris INVEX credit cards are a financial product issued by Banco INVEX. Volaris INVEX cards only apply to account holders in Mexico.

Add more baggage

If you need to add more baggage, upon paying the corresponding fee, you can carry up to a total of 5 checked bags with the same specifications: maximum of 55 lb (25 kg).

Save even more by buying it before you fly. Do it at the same time as you're buying a flight. Or if you have already made a reservation, you can add it in My Trips, through our Call Center or in the Volaris App.

When should I arrive at the airport to check in my baggage?

For domestic flights (within Mexico), you must check in your baggage at the desk at least 2 hours before your flight's departure, as you will then have to pass through the security checks. For international flights (United States and Central America), you must check it in at least 3 hours before your flight's departure.

 Bear in mind that boarding closes 45 minutes before flight departure time.

Please note

· There will be an overweight charge if your checked baggage exceeds 55 lb (25 kg).

· Check that your baggage tags have your name and match your destination. When you arrive, check that they match your flight ticket. (Only Volaris staff are authorized to attach the baggage tags at the desk)

Cardboard boxes and perishable items

You can transport cardboard boxes

You can check in a cardboard box if it weighs less than 55 lb (25 kg), is in good condition and has not been used to carry hazardous materials or eggs.

Perishable items

Perishable items can be transported inside checked baggage or as separate items, with the passenger assuming full responsibility, and they must always be transported in accordance with the legislations of the country or region of destination.

Each item must be sealed and packaged in a sturdy container which must be labelled to show the net weight of the package and the type of perishable item inside. If you need double packaging, secure the top layer with adhesive tape. The container must not be broken or have any damage that may cause spillage. Volaris does not accept any liability if you fail to comply with the previous requirements.

Meat, sweets, pastry, flowers, plants, fruits, vegetables, fish, seafood, dairy products and their derivatives.

Note that all of these items are accepted with limited liability. Volaris is not liable for loss or damage to perishable items as a result of flight delays.


You are not allowed to put two or more pieces of baggage together; they cannot be checked in as a single item and you will be charged accordingly.

If you have any doubts about what items you can pack in your checked baggage, have a look at our section on restricted items and prohibited items.

After landing at your destination, follow the signs to the designated conveyor belt so that you can reclaim your checked baggage.