Package Deals

Our Package Deals

Get to know our package deals to improve your flying experience with whatever you most need: More Baggage, More Flexibility or More Speed.

Consider doing it before you arrive at the airport: that way it will be cheaper! If you do it after your purchase, you will only be able to add each service separately.


More Flexibility

· 1 flight change (date, route, time and/or name)*

· 1 Hop on/hop off service for your flight**

*Valid up until 4 hours before your flight. For a date, time or route change, a corresponding nivelation fare applies. 

**Take the flight that is immediately before or after your original flight (same route). Subject to availability. Request a change through our Call Center from 24 to 4 hours prior to your original flight’s departure date, or at the airport from 4 hours to 30 minutes before your original flight’s departure

More Baggage

·  22 extra lbs. (10 kg) in your carry-on (2 pieces of up to 22.4 x 15.7 x 12.9 inches each) (27 x 40 x 33 cm)

· 1 Checked bag of up to up to 55 lbs. (25 kg) and 62 total inches (height + width + length). (158 cm)

· 1 Sports equipment or Musical instrument

Sports equipment (maximum of 55 lbs. or 25 kg and 98 total inches or 250 cm). Checked musical instrument (maximum of 55 lbs or 25 kg and 62 total inches or 158 cm), or musical instrument onboard (maximum of 22 lbs or 10 kg and 51 total inches or 130 cm). Choose only one from these two kinds of baggage.

More Speed

· Priority Boarding.

· Business Fast Pass.*

· Choose your seat.**

*Get Access to the fast lane on security filters in selected airports at USA and Costa Rica.                                                 

** Choose any seat charge free, except first row and emergency exit seats.


Remember you can only get this Additional Services Package Deals during your booking process. Choose the services you need for your flight.


Check the Additional Services Fees here. 

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