Payment methods

You choose how you want to pay for your flights


Debit or credit card

You can pay for your flights at with a credit or debit card. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Discover, Carnet, UATP, and Todito Card.

The Volaris INVEX cards* are the only ones that let you pay in 3, 6, and 11 interest-free monthly installments. 

*Volaris INVEX cards are only available to account holders in Mexico.

You can also pay using your PayPal or Coppel Pay account.


Pay in cash

Book your flights at y and pay for them in any of the participating banks or stores.

Hold your fare

With this service, you can hold your fare and pay for your fights up to 72 hours later.

Hold your fare

Volaris INVEX Cards

Discover the Volaris INVEX card and start enjoying all the benefits that will bring you closer to your next vacation.

More options


An easier way to pay online

This option makes paying for your flights simple. Choose it at the payment step, then enter your VISA Checkout username and password and complete your purchase.



Check out in a few clicks

Masterpass is the digital wallet that lets you pay for your flights faster and smarter. With this option, you can store your payment information in one secure payment profile and check out in just a few clicks.


SafetyPay is a secure payment solution that lets you pay for your flights through your bank. All you need is an account with an affiliated bank.

Pay with SafetyPay

How does SafetyPay work?

Select "Pay in cash" at the payment step, choose your country, and click on "Generate payment references. Then at the confirmation page, you will find the available options to pay with your online banking account.

Follow the instructions and complete your purchase. Once your bank confirms the transactions, SafetyPay will notify Volaris, and we will send you your reservation code within 15 minutes.

Affiliated banks in Mexico: BBVA, Citibanamex, Santander, and Scotiabank.

Affiliated banks in Costa Rica: Banco Cathay, Banco Lafise, Banco Popular, Banco Promerica, Grupo Mutual, Mucap, and Scotiabank.

Electronic credit and payments at the airport


How to use your electronic credit

If you have an electronic credit, check our user guide to learn how to redeem it to pay for your flights.


Pay for your flights at the airport

You can purchase your tickets at Volaris' airport counters. We accept payments in cash and credit or debit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Discover, Carnet, UATP y Todito Card).