Standby Tickets

What are Standby Tickets?

Standby Tickets are a Volaris service that offers you the opportunity to experience a last minute getaway at an amazing price. But are subject to the availability of flights, which means it’s not a guaranteed flight.

How does it work? 

First, you must request a Standby Flight, and in 24 to 36 hours we’ll confirm or decline your demand. In case of approval, you’ll receive a flight number and itinerary.

The cost of the ticket will be charged the moment the flight is confirmed; if no flight is assigned, there will be no charge at all.


How do I make a booking?

Can I change the name on my processing reservation?

Go to, choose your destination, and for an extra cost, you can rule out the flights that don’t suit you. Then, make a reservation and wait for the confirmation or rejection.

You can’t change the name on the reservation, but you can make a name change after the flight is confirmed. To change the name of your ticket, please get in touch with our Call Center up to 4 hours before your departure, and pay for this additional service.


* This product only applies for routes in Mexico and USA.



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