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With our special service for transporting live animals, your pet will reach its destination safely, efficiently, and as quickly as possible.


- This service is only available on direct flights from airport to airport
- We can handle almost any kind of live animal, with the exception of infected animals. The customer must bring vaccine and worming records and a health certificate along with a copy of the license of the veterinarian who issued the certificate
- Each animal must travel in its own container, except for compatible pets of similar size
- Dogs and cats must be at least 8 weeks old and must be weaned before traveling
- Containers must be suitable for the animal according to the requirements of IATA Live Animals Regulations. They must also meet minimum standards for size, strength, sanitation, and ventilation. Containers need to be escape-proof and scratch-resistant, with secure locks. When closed, they must allow the animal room to stand, sit, breathe and rest comfortably
- Containers carrying live animals should not be covered in plastic because this will block ventilation
- These containers should be easy to open, strong enough to withstand the stress of transportation, and free of any objects that may harm the animal. They must have grips or handles to lift them so that cargo operators are safe from animal bites



Here are some helpful recommendations to make sure your pet will enjoy the flight.

Before departure

- A few days before departure, let your pet get used to the container it will travel in

- Give it food and water 4 hours before the flight

- If you’re transporting a puppy or kitten, give it some honey or syrup to keep up its glucose levels

- Make sure your pet has an ID tag with this information:

o   Address

o   Telephone number

o   Feeding instructions

o   General information about your pet (name, age, and sex)

o   Does your pet take any medication? If so, what kind?

At the airport

- Be sure to take a leash in order to walk your pet before and after the flight.

- Do not put food inside of the container.

- Make sure the container has enough ventilation on all 4 sides.

- Place kitty litter or a similar absorbent material in the container. Avoid colored newspaper to prevent possible poisoning.

- According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and IATA standards, it is not recommended to sedate your pet, since this can increase the risk of breathing and heart problems in some animals.


- The bottom of the container cannot be perforated, and it cannot have wheels or padlocks

- Deceased, violent, sick, or pregnant pets are not allowed

- Each pet container can only carry one animal, except for puppies that are between 8-24 weeks old. In such cases, two animals are allowed to be in a single container as long as they can move freely

- Dogs and cats are not allowed in the same container

If you require further information please contact us at cargo@volaris.com or call:

Mexico: Sales (55) 5663 0512; Storage (55) 1560 0408

Guadalajara: Sales (33) 3110 0990; Storage (33) 3110 0031

Tijuana: Storage and Sales (664) 683 8184

Monterrey: Storage and Sales (81) 1088 8297

Cancun: Storage and Sales (998) 886 2185

And from any destination within Mexico from Monday to Thursday from 9 AM - 6 PM and Friday from 9 AM - 3 PM: (55) 5261 6466.


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