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Volaris App

Where can I download the Volaris App?

You can download our Volaris App for iOS and Android and book from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.


What benefits do I get with the Volaris App?

When you download and use our Volaris App you’ll get additional discounts, exclusive notifications, easy ways to get flight tickets, itinerary updates and much more. You can download it here.


Social Responsibility

How can I collaborate with the social work that Volaris does?

You can send an email to volemosjuntos@volaris.com, or call us: 5261-6400 Ext. 5664.


Contact Us

How can I contact Volaris in case I need to clear something up?

For any doubt, clarification or setback with your reservation, please get in touch with us through our Call Center:

Mexico:                  01 (55) 1102-8000

United States:       1 855 VOLARIS (8652747)

Guatemala:           +502-2269-9451 / +502-2301-3939

Costa Rica:            506-4000-0229 / 506-4002-7462

El Salvador:          503-2504-5540

Press Room

Where can I find the latest news about Volaris?

You can find the latest news about Volaris in the airline industry at our Press Room section.

Volaris Cargo

What kind of merchandise does Volaris transport?

Volaris transports almost all kind of merchandising, except:

- Animal remains

- Plants

- Alcoholic beverages of over 24º

- Skin and/or leather from animals that endangered species

- Solvents and corrosive materials

- Controlled medication and of restricted circulation

- Ivory items

- Frozen or refrigerated items

- Lab samples (toxic, dangerous or that requires special handling)

- Foreign items with no importation documents

- Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and inhalants under the terms of the General Health Act

- Radioactive and magnetic material

- Firearms and their components

- Money, debt/investment securities, precious metals and jewelry

- Explosives and compressed gases

- Flammable liquids or solids

- Oxidizing materials

- Infectious waste of any kind

- Vehicles and motorcycles

- Toxic, restricted, and/or dangerous materials, according to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and guidelines

- Items prohibited by law in the countries or states of origin, transit and/or destination

- Merchandise that could jeopardize the safety of the plane, passengers, or cargo

- Any item that Volaris considers susceptible to transportation due to its nature


How can I request the Volaris Cargo service?

You can send an email to carga@volaris.com, call (55) 5261-6466 or visit one of our airport counters, to ask for the location of the Volaris representative in your town.


How should I pack my belongings for the Cargo and Courier service?

You must choose a package size appropriate for your cargo. Semi-empty boxes may collapse and over-stuffed ones may burst, which is why you must use high quality material for your shipments.

Consider only material that will help minimize impact,  preventing the content of your package from shifting inside the box. Choose double-strength corrugated cardboard boxes with strong outer edges. And finally, seal and secure your cargo with strapping or strong tape.


What are the size limits allowed per cargo?

For the Cargo and Courier service, the maximum weight allowed is 297.6 lbs per item with a maximum size of of 78.7 inches long, 55.1 inches wide, and 45.3 inches high.

In which destinations does the Cargo and Courier service apply? 

Volaris Cargo has a delivery service in over 25 destinations in Mexico. For more information, please write to cargo@volaris.com or go here to see our storage and sales points.


How can I track a delivery?

To track a delivery, go to  volaris.cargo-sales.net and enter your airbill number (Prefix: 036, A02 or AMM + an 8 digit number)


What can I do if my shipment doesn’t arrive on time?

You must go to volaris.cargo-sales.net and enter your air guide number (Prefix 036 or A02 + 8 digits).


How can I get a quotation for a shipment?

You can send an email to carga@volaris.com, call (55) 5261-6466 or visit one of our airport counters, to ask for the location of the Volaris representative in your town.


How is the cost for the weight determined?

It is based on whichever is greater, the actual weight or the volumetric weight. Volumetric weight  is determined by the following formula:


Length x Width x Height, in cm’s  =   weight factor/ volume in kgs                             



Can I insure the cargo I’m shipping?

Volaris complies with Civil Aviation Act liability limitations. If you're interested in purchasing additional coverage, you are welcome to insure your cargo on your own.


How can I ship my cargo?

Go to the Volaris cargo counter at your local airport where our representatives will gladly assist you. You must confirm the availability of the service on the route you need. To do this, contact us as soon as possible at cargo@volaris.com and we will reply shortly.

Gift a Plane

How can I participate on Gift a Plane and what benefits do I get?

Our #GiftAPlane contest invites all our customers to name one of our planes and give it as a gift. Winners get to enjoy unlimited flights durings one whole year. Subscribe with your email now and follow us on social media to learn about the dynamic and stay updated. Don’t miss the chance to fly and #GiftAPlane with Volaris!


Please send the event details to promociones@volaris.com and we'll be in touch with you.


How can I be part of Volaris team?

At Volaris, we're always looking for new talent. If you'd like to be part of our team, please send your resume to:


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