Travel with your Pet

Know how to take your pet with you on Volaris flights.


Please review the fees for our Pet in Belly and Pet On Board services at the Volaris airport counters, our sales modules, or check the Additional Services Fees here.

Take your pet with you on Volaris flights

Learn about the conditions of this service, the documentation required and the breeds that are allowed to travel with you.


Can I bring my pet on board?

You may take your pet on board as long as the total weight of your pet and its cage does not exceed 22 lbs. If the weight of the cage plus the weight of your pet is more than 22 lbs. you will have to check it as baggage on your same flight.

Remember that you are only allowed to transport your pet as checked baggage if the sum of the weight of the cage and the pet is no more than 99 lbs.


Restrictions to the service 

· The only pets allowed for transportation service are dogs and cats.

· Pets that are under 4 months old, breastfeeding, ill, violent or pregnant won’t be accepted. Any infected dead or alive animals won’t be accepted either.

· There is a limit of only 7 pets traveling as checked baggage per flight.

 · A maximum of 2 pets can travel on board, per flight.

· Only one pet is allowed per cage or kennel.

· The cage must not have perforated flooring or wheels and it must not be locked. 

· Sedated pets or pets without the complete valid documentation required will not be accepted.

· We won’t accept pets that have a bad smell or that are not properly cleaned up.

· All pets must wear a collar or harness during the whole trip.

· Animals that may represent a danger to the crew or passengers due to their nature or inadequate behavior will not be transported.

· Only one pet per passenger is allowed on the same flight.


Dog breeds considered dangerous must travel as Pet in Belly 

The dog breeds that are considered dangerous, that have any kind of attack or defense training, or that show aggressive behavior, can only be transported as Pet in Belly. 

Some examples of these breeds are Akita Inu, American Bully, Boxer, Doberman, Majorca Shepherd Dog, Fila Brasileiro, Anatolian Shepherd, American Pitbull Terrier, Rottweiler, Staffordshire Bullterrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and Japanese Tosa.


Cage requirements for animal transportation

· Only one pet will be allowed per cage, regardless of age.

· The pet must travel on the same flight as its owner. 

· For cages traveling as checked baggage:

· You must place an odor neutralizer inside the cage as well as absorbent, waterproof material

· You must provide containers with food and water corresponding to what your pet needs for the duration of the flight. These must be placed on spill-proof containers.


Documentation required for pet transportation

· To transport your pet on the plane, please bring an original and a copy of a vaccination certificate that includes the anti-rabies vaccination (dated no longer than a year from the moment it is presented and at least 30 days prior to your flight’s departure date) and a current de-worming certificate (dated no longer than six months old, taking in consideration the date of the passenger’s return flight). The certificate must be issued by a veterinary doctor and printed on a letterform with her or his professional license’s number.

· You must also present an original and copy of a Health Certificate issued by a veterinarian in a letterform with her or his professional license’s number, signed and/or stamped, and dated no longer than five days before the flight’s departure. If the passenger’s return flight will be in more than five days from the date in which the certificate was issued, a current one must be presented again. 

· You must sign the pet transportation format that will be provided to you at the Volaris counters once you arrive at the airport.

· For flights from Mexico to Central America, you must show an original and copy of an animal health certificate issued by the SAGARPA/SENASICA. 

· In the case of Mexican customers that are part of the Frequent Flyer Pet program, they must only present an official certificate issued by the SENASICA with current information, and fill out the responsive format for pet transportation that will be delivered at the airport counters. On the contrary, they must present all of the above-mentioned documentation.


Check-in Process for Pets

· Arrive with the same anticipation time as it is advised to check the baggage for your flight.

· Deliver the required documentation with a Customer Service assessor.

· Fill out the pet transportation format that will be given to you at the airport.

· Make the corresponding payment for the Pet in Belly service.

· Allow our staff to verify the compliance of all the measurements and requirements needed for the transportation of your pet.

Breeds Not Allowed For Transportation Pet in Belly

Breeds not allowed for transportation

In Volaris, we care a lot about your pet. Which is why, out of concern for their safety and integrity, we inform you that some breeds of cats and dogs cannot be transported as checked baggage.


These breeds include brachycephalic animals which, due to their physiognomy, have an excessively short snout, are snub-nosed and with a very wide head for their proportions.



Dogs not allowed:

   · Affenpinscher

   · American Staffordshire Terrier

   · Boston Terrier

   · Boxer

   · Griffon Buxelois

   · Bulldog

   · Staffordshire Bull Terrier

   · Lhasa Apso

   · English Mastiff

   · Pekingese

   · Pit Bull

   · Canary Mastiff

   · Pug (all breeds)

   · Shar Pei

   · Tibetan Spaniel

   · Cane Corso

   · Bordeaux Mastiff

   · English Toy Spaniel

   · Janapese Chin

   · Shih tzu


Cats not allowed:

   · Burmese

   · Persian

   · Himalayan

   · Exotic Shorthair


These breeds may develop a brachycephalic respiratory syndrome, which causes a constant panting and breathing difficulties. These animals have a very high chance of suffering heat strokes and respiratory disorders when they are under a lot of stress or when exposed to high temperatures.


If your pet belongs to any of the previously mentioned breeds, you may take it on the plane with you, as longs as it complies with the requirements established by VOLARIS Check Pet in Belly. 



· Only dogs and cats are allowed.

· Pets are not accepted if they are under 4 months, nursing, sick, dead, violent or pregnant.

· Only one animal per cage is allowed. The only exception is with puppies from 16 to 24 weeks if they can move freely inside the cage. In this case, the maximum is of 2 animals of the same species.

· The cage should not have a perforated floor, wheels or lock.

· Do not place any food inside the cage.

· Do not vaccinate, deworm or practice any medical procedure to your pet within 5 days prior to your flight.



The requirements for entry and documentation of animals are subject to change and may vary by destination. Volaris cannot keep up with all the requirements for traveling with animals, and assumes no responsibility for compliance with regards to this. In case you purchased a round trip, your pet will be subject to the admission requirements of the country of origin.  

Pet on Board

These are the requirements to travel with a Pet On Board:

· Your pet must be in a fully closed kennel approved for air transportation, which should measure up to 17.5” long x 12” wide x 7.5” high.

· Your pet should be able to stand and move around.

· If you’re traveling with a dog, it can be a soft or rigid kennel (fabric or plastic), as long as it complies with the above-mentioned measurements and requirements.

· If you’re traveling with a cat, the kennel must be rigid (plastic) and comply with the above-mentioned measurements and requirements.

· The kennel must fit under the seat in front of you and be secured before boarding with a cable tie belt, which will be provided at the airport. Your pet cannot leave its cage during any circumstance, during the whole duration of the flight.

· You cannot travel with your pet on an emergency seat; you must occupy a window seat.

· Make sure to present the required documents for the transportation of your pet, applicable for both domestic and international flights, and don’t forget to sign the pet transportation format that will be given to you at the airport.

· You must cover the corresponding charge for the Pet On Board service.

· Remember you are solely responsible for feeding and taking care of your pet.


Service and emotional support animals

Service and emotional support animals may be transported without any charge, as long as the previous conditions are met and they fulfill the specific service and emotional support objectives for which they are intended. The passenger is solely responsible for taking care of the pet. Health and vaccination certificates must be presented as per the above-mentioned specifications, as well as a document stating that they are in fact service and emotional support animals.

Pet In Belly

These are the requisites for the container of the Pet in Belly service:

· The pet and cage must not weigh more than 100 lbs. in total. 

· The cage must have a rigid structure.

· It must be impermeable, well ventilated from all its four sides and rid of any object that may injure the pet.

· It must also be scratchproof and leak-proof.

· It must have handles to be lifted up.

· If the cage measures more than 62 total inches, you must cover an oversize fee in addition to the charge already established for the pet transportation service.

· The pet must be able to move freely and rotate around its axis within the cage.

· The cage must be labeled with your contact data and pet identification.

· The cage must have an odor neutralizer; you may place absorbing material or kitty litter inside. 

· You can place spill-proof food and water containers for your pet (belonging to the passenger) inside the cage. The containers must avoid leakage and have absorbing material. 


Please review the fees for our Pet in Belly and Pet On Board services at the Volaris airport counters, our sales modules, or check the Additional Services Fees here.

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