Restricted Items


List of Prohibited and Restricted Items.  



These objects are not allowed on your cabin bags, but you can take them in your checked baggage if they are packed correctly.

Sharp Objects

Pointy, sharp, or penetrating objects; mountaineering ice picks, ice breakers, axes, knives, combat knives, tactical knives, daggers, kitchen knives, letter openers, cutters, scalpels, swords, sabers, foils, machetes, knitting needles, metal scissors (with sharp ends and blades longer than 2.3 inches), single or double-edged straight razors, and other similar objects.

Electronic Equipment

-  Power tools, manual or electric tools, and gas-powered machines for cutting or welding (drills, portable electric saws, torches, welding guns, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers).

-   High-intensity lamps with bulbs and batteries. Bulbs and batteries must be packed separately and properly labeled.

-   Curling irons and hair straighteners.

-   Harpoons and other underwater weapons, bows, bayonets, arrows, and similar items.

Barometers and Thermometers

You can check barometers and thermometers if you are a representative of the National Weather Service with proper identification and if they are in resistant packaging that is sealed against leaks.


You can check personal care aerosols with a maximum size and weight of 16.9 fl oz and 1.1 pounds. The total size and weight of aerosols must not exceed 67.6 fl oz and 4.4 pounds. Cover the openings to avoid spillage.


Dry batteries installed in wheelchairs or similarly powered equipment that must comply with our security measures

Alcoholic Beverages

You can check up to 5 liters (1.3 gallons) of alcoholic beverages containing between 24% and 70% alcohol by volume with manufacturer labels and seals intact.

Other Items

If they meet airport security requirements, you can check:

-  Electric paralyzers or prods for industrial, commercial, or livestock use and electric items used for self-defense

-  Pepper spray as long as the container is not larger than 4 fl oz

-  Batons, flexible clubs, or other objects similar in weight, material, size, shape, or use

-  Gun replicas or toys that look like realistic guns

-  Martial arts throwing stars or similar weapons

- Up to 11 pounds of cartridges or ammunition transported with the corresponding firearm

-  Decorative figures, trophies, crafts, ceramic or porcelain figures, religious figures, handmade instruments, irons, rappelling and charrería (rodeo) ropes, tortilla makers, and fruit juicers

- Oxygen tanks, including chemical and/or liquid oxygen generators and full or pressurized scuba tanks.

- Compressed gases, including extinguishers (acetylene, argon, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen, propane, butane, and hydrogen, liquefied gases, ammonia solution, and refrigerated liquid oxygen.

- Mercury barometers or industrial-use thermometers

- Weapons, weapon parts, ammunition, explosives, guns, flares, sparklers of any kind, air guns (ammunition, pellets, paintball guns, and the like), hand grenades, detonators or blasting caps, fireworks, explosive powders, and any other items included under the Mexican firearms and explosives law.  Only in the case of having a direct flight within Mexico, and notifying the authorities about it, munitions are allowed in quantities that don’t exceed 5 kg in gross weight. 



The following objects CANNOT be taken in cabin bags or checked baggage.

- Gasoline, methanol, kerosene, lighter fluid, spray paints, rubbing alcohol[K1] , adhesives, polishing and cleaning products for ovens and pipes, solvents and related liquids (organic peroxides, nitro-methane, or other additives), and flammable solids (magnesium, hexamine).

- Batteries of any kind[K2] (liquid or solid), including for vehicles, wheelchairs, or other mobility aids.

- Household chlorine for pools and tubs (hydrogen tetra chlorine[K3] ), bleach, and chlorine disinfectants, or any type of chlorine for industrial use.

- Pistol-shaped lighters or household lighters exceeding 3.5 inches.

- Matches

- Chemical, biological, and radiological materials, toxic or infectious substances, substances classified as dangerous materials (poison, blood and other bodily fluids, infected biopsies, medicinal or commercial isotopes, drug-testing laboratory samples).

- Hoverboards : In compliance with official regulations recently issued, it is not allowed to transport hoverboards and any other type of self balancing boards, that use lithium batteries and/or lithium-ion batteries, due to their risk of potential overheating and becoming a fire hazard

- It is forbidden to transport guns, munitions, and/or dangerous items in trips that require a connection or in international flights.


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