Hold your fare


Hold your fare!

With this service, you can reserve a flight and pay for it up to 72 hours later.

How can I hold my fare?

During the booking process on volaris.com, you will see the "Hold my fare and pay later" option.

• You can pay for the total amount of your tickets up to 72 hours later. If you don't pay within this period, your reservation will be canceled.

• You will receive an email with your reservation code and the amount to be paid. Make sure that your information is correct and please save your details.

Pay for your flight

• To complete your payment, go to My Trips, choose the "Pay for your reservation" option, and enter your reservation code and email address.

• You will receive a confirmation email once you have completed the payment.

Review the fee for this service here.

For more information, check out the terms and conditions.



Keep in mind that if you do not make the payment within 72 hours, your reservation will be canceled.

For flights to and from the United States, you may cancel your reservation within the 24 hours following your purchase without any fees or penalties so long as the flight was booked 7 or more days before the departure date.