On-Time Performance Guarantee


What is our On-Time Performance Guarantee?

It's our guarantee that entitles you to an electronic credit in the amount of $1,000 MXN or $100 USD (depending on the currency used to make the booking) in the event that your flight arrives more than 30 minutes late.

How does it work?

The amount will be awarded via an electronic credit issued within 72 hours of the delay being registered. The credit will be sent via email to the address provided during the booking process.

How to use the electronic credit?

The credit can be redeemed in My Trips by choosing Electronic Credit as the payment method. It can also be redeemed in the Volaris app or by contacting our Call Center.


If you are eligible for the On-Time Performance Guarantee, please note that:

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    It is non-transferable

    The electronic credit is non-transferable and is valid for purchase and travel for 6 months from its date of issuance.

  • Check

    Check your email frequently

    We will send you an email containing the conditions, expiration date, and blackout dates.

  • Base

    Base fare

    You can only use the electronic credit to pay for the base fare. It does not apply to pay for taxes, fees, or additional services.



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