On-Time Performance
Guarantee Toluca


We guarantee you and your bags will arrive on time

We are committed to getting more people to travel and to do so on time. That is why through the On-Time Performace Guarantee on Toluca trips, we will grant you compensation if there is a delay on your flight or the delivery of your baggage.

How does it work?

The compensation consists of an electronic credit with a value equivalent to 100% of the cost you paid for the flight or segment originating from the Toluca International Airport to the corresponding destination city.

We will give you the electronic credit if the following events happen due to reasons attributable to Volaris:

1. Delayed flight: Applies when the flight from Toluca International Airport delays more than 30 minutes from the departure time indicated in the itinerary, available in the reservation confirmation email, the boarding pass, volaris.com, and other official airline sales channels.

2. Delayed baggage delivery: Applies only when, upon arrival at the Toluca International Airport, you receive your checked baggage with a delay greater than 30 minutes from the arrival of the flight.

If both events happen on the same trip, the passenger will only have the right to a single electronic credit, equivalent to the total amount paid for the affected flight or segment.


If you are entitled to compensation, consider:

  • The

    It is personal and non-transferable

    Only the holder of the electronic credit may use it to purchase future reservations in their name.

  • Check

    Check your email

    We will send you the information to redeem the electronic credit to the email you registered at the time of your purchase. After its issuance, the electronic credit will be valid for 180 calendar days to book and travel.

  • Base

    Use it to pay for a new reservation

    The electronic credit will apply for the payment of the airfare, applicable taxes, and additional services of a new reservation.


To make the guarantee valid, you must comply with the terms and conditions