Baggage guarantee

What is our baggage guarantee

We are committed to making sure your baggage arrives on the same flight you're on. If that doesn't happen, our baggage guarantee entitles you to an electronic voucher in the amount of $1,000 MXN or $80 USD, depending on the currency used to make the booking.

For the baggage guarantee to be valid, review the following points:

· The baggage guarantee is applicable only when checked baggage does not arrive on the same flight as the customer.

· Baggage is considered checked baggage when Volaris issues a valid claim check and provides the customer with a receipt stating that it is registered in the check-in system.

· The baggage guarantee is valid on all routes operated by Volaris.

· This guarantee applies to one incident per customer, i.e., if a customer has 2 delayed bags, only one baggage guarantee y will be issued.

· The electronic voucher is valid to purchase and travel within 30 (thirty) days.


Steps to request the baggage guarantee :

1. If baggage does not arrive on the baggage carousel at the destination, the customer must look for a service agent before leaving the baggage claim area so that they can issue a Baggage Irregularity Report.

2. In addition to searching for the missing baggage, the customer service agent will request the activation of the baggage guarantee.

3. The customer will receive an email with the electronic voucher number 72 hours after the flight's arrival (to the email address provided during the booking process). If the email is not received, the customer may call 01 800 122 8000 and provide their reservation code to request their electronic voucher number.



1. It can only be used once.

2. Once it has been applied, the contracted air transport service may not be canceled or changed.

3. Voucher may not be accumulated. Therefore, only one electronic voucher may be used per purchase.

4. The expiration date cannot be extended, nor will the voucher be replaced or substituted if it is not used during the period of validity.

5. It cannot be used with other promotions.



· The electronic voucher will be effective 72 hours after the flight's arrival.

· The electronic voucher will be sent to the email address that the customer provided during the booking process.

· The electronic voucher is non-transferable.

· If the electronic voucher does not cover the entire purchase amount of a new service, the customer must pay the remainder.

· It only applies to cover the base fare. It may not be used to pay for taxes, fees, or additional services.

· The guarantee is independent of any possible compensation for delayed or lost cargo.

· It does not apply to customers traveling last minute or for baggage that has been delayed due to security restrictions.

· The electronic voucher can be used when making a reservation through our Call Center or on by selecting electronic voucher as the payment method.