Ready Card Kiosks

What is Ready Card?

Cash has become electronic to simplify the purchasing processes, facilitate clarifications and most of all, for your own safety, reducing the likeliness of thefts and losses at the airports.


The new Volaris ReadyCard allows you to perform all operations at the Volaris counters of selected airports within the United States. It will be available to be purchased and used in the following air terminals


Air Terminals with Ready Card

At these airports, any customer wishing to make a purchase, whether it be a plane ticket  or payment for excess baggage, must do so with their respective credit or debit cards.

San Diego (SAN)

Reno (RNO)

San Francisco Oakland (OAK)

Denver (DEN)

Do not have a credit or debit card?

If you only have cash as a payment method, you can go first to a ReadyCard kiosk to redeem your cash for a prepaid card. You will receive a note of the exchange you made, and your ReadyCard will be ready to use.


· The cost of the card is $ 5 USD (non-rechargeable).

· ReadyCard kiosks do not give change, however the money paid to the card can be used at any other establishment that accepts this form of payment.

· Now, if you plan to visit these destinations or use these airports in your next trip, don't forget to redeem your cash for electronic money and avoid setbacks.

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