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Group travel

The more, the merrier! Get a group quote, and travel with ten people or more at the lowest prices.

Benefits of traveling as a group with Volaris

Register and get a quote in less than 10 minutes.

Fare options (Zero and Plus) to travel with or without baggage.

Passengers list: Enter the list free of charge up to 96 hours before departure.

Name changes: $50 USD per passenger.

Date changes: The first change is free of charge. You only pay for the difference in fare. 

Personalized assistance included. 

Quick guide to quote and book a group trip

You can also get a quote by contacting our Call Center.

Remember that group trips require a minimum of 10 travelers.

Baggage allowance for domestic and international flights


This preferential option includes:

■ 1 personal item (must fit under the seat in front of you)

■ Online check-in 3 days in advance and 24 hours before departure for international flights.  

Carry-on bag is not included.


Our fare with more baggage includes:

■ 1 personal item (must fit under the seat in front of you)

■ 1 carry-on bag measuring a maximum of 22 x 16 x 10 in (length x width x height)

The combined weight of the personal item and carry-on bag must not exceed 44 lbs.

■ 1 checked bag up to 55 lb and 62 total in (length + width + height)

■ Online check-in 5 days in advance and 24 hours before departure for international flights.  

■ Forward your flight at the airport

Pay for your group trip

You can pay for your trip by bank transfer or with a debit or credit card. You can pay the full amount or make partial payments, depending on the flight date.

Credit card or debit card

Wire transfer

Considerations about your group reservation

You can enter the names of the passengers on the group's site up to 4 days before your flight departs. If you need assistance with the process, please contact our Call Center.

- If the names are not registered, boarding may be denied.

- If it is an international flight, you must provide the name, date of birth, and nationality as they appear in your passport. If your flight is international to Mexico and your nationality is not Mexican, you have to pay the UK after entering the names.

If you need to make changes on the list of names already registered, take into account:

■ You can make changes up to four hours before the departure of the flight.

■ Changes must be made before check-in, and the corresponding fee must be paid.

■ Once the trip has begun name changes are not permitted on return flights.

Once the group quote is made, you can add up to 9 customers at the same price before you make the first payment and if the quote is still valid (places are subject to availability). To add more customers, you'll have to request another quote.

You can adjust your quote on the groups' site, as long as you haven't made any partial or total payment. Once the group has been confirmed, no reductions or cancellations are permitted.

If you have already made a partial or full payment for your group, there are no cancellations or reimbursements.

If you have already paid for your reservation and want to make the first change in itinerary, you only have to pay the difference in fare that applies at the time of your request. 

From the second change, a charge per change plus the valid fare difference apply.

If the change is not requested at least four hours before the departure of the flight, the tickets and their fare values will be forfeited. You can make the change by contacting the Call Center.

Learn more about how to generate your group invoice here

Contact us

If you need help getting a quote, making a change, or adding names to your reservation, call us, and we'll be happy to help.

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