Assistance for passengers with disabilities

Our Commitment

At Volaris, we are committed to offering an efficient and inclusive air transportation service, which is why we are always working to guarantee that your travel experience is as pleasant as possible and of the highest quality.

Do you need special assistance?

If you or one of your travel companions requires special assistance due to a disability, let our staff know and they will be happy to do everything they can to provide you with the best service possible.

Notify our staff

There is no additional baggage fee for a wheelchair, but we recommend notifying the Volaris staff that you will be traveling with a wheelchair so that certain specifications are considered to transport it on the plane.

Request a wheelchair when you book

You can request a wheelchair when booking your flight or when you arrive at our counter. Our staff will provide you with the necessary assistance to transport you inside the airport, to the boarding area, and onto the aircraft.

Assistance on board

Once on board, we will provide you with all the assistance you need to travel safely and comfortably. When you arrive at your destination, you will also be provided with a wheelchair until yours is returned to you along with your checked baggage.

Electric wheelchair

If you're taking an electric wheelchair, you must arrive at the airport counters 3 hours before departure for domestic flights and 4 hours for international flights. 

Only wheelchairs that use dry and non-spillable batteries are permitted. Remember to bring a manual or instructions to disconnect the battery.

Our airport staff will safeguard it to avoid a short circuit.

Please remember that wet, lithium or damaged batteries are not permitted.

non-spillable battery.jpg

Wheelchair handling during flights

In lieu of the procedures outlined in 14 CFR § 382.67, manual-folding wheelchairs will be transported in the aircraft's priority cargo hold stowage space designated specifically for wheelchairs, with space for at least two manual folding wheelchairs. Each wheelchair will receive a protective cover and will be secured horizontally to prevent unnecessary movement during flight. No other passenger bags, cargo, or other equipment will be stored in these dedicated areas while wheelchairs are present. 

During boarding, Volaris will give passengers with disabilities who use a manual folding wheelchair the opportunity to pre-board the aircraft and stow their manual folding wheelchairs in Volaris' designated wheelchair stowage space. Passengers may continue to use their wheelchair up to the door of the aircraft, unless they agree to relinquish their wheelchair at a different location, such as the gate agent counter or the check-in counter. Upon relinquishing their wheelchair, passengers will receive a receipt stating the passenger's name, flight number, destination, and the agreed-upon location where the wheelchair will be returned to the passenger.

Upon arrival, any manual folding wheelchairs transported in the aircraft's designated cargo hold stowage space will be the first items removed from the aircraft and will be delivered to passengers at the location stated on their receipt. In the event a passenger's manual folding wheelchair is delayed, lost, or damaged, Volaris will arrange a temporary replacement wheelchair of like kind and quality (or reimburse the passenger for a rental, at the passenger's option). If compensation is required, Volaris will not limit its liability for the loss or damage to the limits stated in the Montreal Convention, or any other treaty or law.  

Customers with cognitive disabilities

· Ask for assistance in advance or at our counters when you arrive at the airport.

· We do not provide continuous supervision or designated escorts for passengers with cognitive disabilities.

· If the person traveling has difficulty understanding safety instructions or requires continuous care, he or she may not travel unaccompanied.

  • Assistance

    Visual impairment

    You can travel with a service dog at no additional cost. Our customer service team will be happy to assist you.

  • Heraring

    Hearing impairment

    You can find screens with flight departure and arrival information at our counters and boarding gates.

  • Speech

    Speech impairment

    If you have any questions, you contact us in writing and we will be pleased to help you.

Other types of disabilities

If you have any other type of disability, you may fly with us as long as you meet our travel requirements. Please check Medical Conditions for more details.


Special considerations

· Please notify us in advance if you require special assistance so that we can provide you with the best service possible.

· If you are traveling with a service dog, we will provide you with the best possible location.

· Request advice about boarding, disembarking, and connections for customers with cognitive or developmental disabilities.

· For your convenience, you may request pre-boarding.