Sports Equipment and Musical Instruments

Sports Equipment

If you plan to travel with sports equipment, you can add the service after you make your reservation, with an additional charge, either in My Trips, through our Call Center or at the airport. We recommend you do so before the date of your flight to save more.

• Your sports equipment must weigh a maximum of 55 lb (25 kg).

• The sum of its width, length and height should not exceed 98 in (250 cm).


- If your equipment exceeds the weight or dimensions permitted, overweight and oversize fees will apply.

- No sports equipment will be accepted if it measures more than 110 in (280 cm) total or weighs more than 99 lb (45 kg).

- Remember that you should pack your sports items (including your bicycle) in a special case that protects them in their entirety.

- Volaris is not responsible for any damage to sports equipment if it is not properly packed.


For comfort dismantle the parts leaving only the wheel rim, pack it in its case or wrap it in plastic for its protection. Carry other articles packaged (helmet, knee pads, etc.)

Diving Equipment

You can bring the BCD, a regulator, a mask or face mask, a snorkel, a pair of fins, a neoprene wetsuit, a tank harness, a tank gauge and empty cylinders (do not carry if it has compressed air or other gas mixes). Diving strobes must be disconnected, and terminals sealed with adhesive tape. Check the restrictions for the diving tank in the restricted equipment section.

Ski Equipment

For snow skiing you can bring a pair of skis, a pair of poles, a pair of boots, and a mask. For water skiing you can bring a pair of skis, and a lifejacket or vest.

Golf Equipment

You can bring a golf bag with 14 clubs, 12 golf balls, a pair of shoes, and golf tees. The case where you pack it should completely cover the clubs and should not exceed the measurements allowed for Sports Equipment.

Sport Boards

You can bring surf boards, windsurfing boards, snowboards, longboards or similar boards that do not exceed the measurements allowed. Wrap the boards completely in plastic or protective foam, cover the nose and tail well, remove the fins or pack them securely.

Bowling Equipment

Bring one bag with at most two bowling balls and your shoes. Pack your equipment and place protective material between the items to prevent them from colliding with each other.

Musical Instruments

You may bring a musical instrument as carry-on baggage if it complies with the permitted measurements and weight. It can also travel as checked baggage, covering the corresponding fees during the booking process or afterward in My Trips, the Volaris App, or at the airport on the day of your flight.

Permitted measurements and weights

Your musical instrument can travel on board if it measures up to 51 in (129.5 cm) total (including width, length, and height) and weighs less than 22 lb (10 kg).


• If all dimensions of the musical instrument exceed 51 in (129.5 cm) it must be checked.

•  If you are traveling with checked baggage, and you exceed 55 lb (25 kg) excess weight charges will be applied.

• Charges are applied for oversized baggage if the instrument exceeds 62 in (157 cm) (width + length + height).

• Be aware that the maximum permitted size for a checked instrument is 78.7 in (200 cm) (width + length + height).

• The entire instrument must be packed in a case suitable for transportation (preferably a hard case).

What instruments can I bring?

Here are some examples of musical instruments you may bring if they comply with the measurements and weight permitted:

- String instruments (guitars, bass guitars, violins)

- Flutes or trumpets

- Drum kit accessories (such as cymbals)

- Keyboards

- Saxophones