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Fly with your baby

We also want the family's littlest members to enjoy the best onboard experiences. We're here to guide you with the necessary information and general recommendations for traveling with your baby.

Choose the best option for traveling with your baby

Baby in lap

If your baby is anywhere from 7 days old up to under two years old, they can travel in your lap at no extra cost.

To include them in your reservation, add one baby when you're searching for your flights, either on the website or the app.

Remember, if your baby turns two years old during your trip and you have a round-trip ticket, you'll need to pay for their return ticket.

Adult ticket for baby

If you prefer your baby to travel in their seat, you can purchase an adult ticket and bring an FAA-approved car seat.

You can check if the car seat is suitable by looking at its safety labels.

Remember, we're here to make your journey as smooth as possible so you and your little one can sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

Traveling with two Babies

If you're planning to travel with two babies and are the only adult in the reservation, one of them can enjoy the journey comfortably in a car seat fitted to the seat (purchased at full fare). At the same time, your other little one can fly in your lap at no additional cost. 

Included benefits for you and your baby

Bring a stroller

At no additional cost

Take your stroller to the aircraft's door, where our team will gladly receive it to transport it to the cargo hold. We'll return it once you reach your destination as you disembark from the plane. Easy peasy!

Enjoy priority boarding!

We want you to have the best flight experience!

We understand how crucial it is to start your journey smoothly when traveling with babies. That's why we offer priority boarding on all our flights. When you reach the boarding gate, kindly approach our staff, and they'll be more than happy to assist you.

Baby Combo: Your ally for an easier journey

Traveling with a baby requires additional items to ensure their comfort and well-being during the flight. That's why we offer the Baby Combo, which, for a small additional cost, includes:

  • A diaper bag with a maximum of 10 kg and measurements of up to 25 x 40 x 40 cm as carry-on baggage.
  • A documented item, such as a car seat, a travel crib, or a baby carrier.


Travel with confidence and peace of mind! Add the Baby Combo when booking your flights; look for the option next to the field to enter your baby's data in the passenger step during your purchase process. You will see the cost there, which varies according to the travel season.

Here's everything you need to know before you board your flight

Remember to bring their identification!

Even though your baby doesn't need a ticket, confirming their age and identity is necessary before boarding the flight. To do this, you can present their birth certificate or passport. If your baby is only seven days old and has neither of these documents, don't worry; you can show the Certificate of Birth.

For international flights, regardless of age, you must show your passport and, if applicable to the destination country, the corresponding visa.

If you have further questions, visit our travel documents and requirements page.

Your travel essentials go with you

We understand that traveling with a baby means carrying extras of almost everything, and this includes their food. So, if you're considering bringing infant formula, milk, or food for your little one, you can do so in your carry-on baggage if the containers don't exceed 100 milliliters. However, if your destination is the United States, remember that you won't be able to bring powdered substances that exceed 350 ml / 12 oz in your carry-on baggage. This is a U.S. government regulation.

Additional tips for a successful adventure

  • Arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare, as going through security checks might take longer due to the inspection of baby items like strollers or car seats.
  • Babies typically follow a schedule, so plan your flight times according to your little one's routine.
  • Pack extra outfits, plastic bags, wipes, and diapers in your carry-on luggage.
  • Consider bringing more formula or food than necessary – it's always better to be prepared for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Don't forget their favorite toy or stuffed animal. Familiar objects can be very useful in making them feel comfortable in unknown places such as the plane or the airport.