Choose your seat

Don't let someone else decide for you!

Choose the seat you want before arriving at the airport. Don't wait until the last minute or someone could take your favorite seat!

How can I choose my seat?

You can choose how you want to add your seat to your reservation.

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    More Speed Combo

    Choose it by adding this combo during the booking process (except first row and emergency exits).

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    When Booking

    You can choose your seat by paying the corresponding fee during the booking process.

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    My Trips

    If you already have a flight, you can also add your seat in My Trips, paying the corresponding fee.


Seats on row 1, with extra space and fast exit upon arrival at your destination.

More space

Emergency exit seats, with extra space for your comfort.


Seats in rows 2 to 5, to be the first to exit upon arriving at your destination.


Choose your favorite seat and avoid the middle one!

For safety reasons, the following customers cannot sit in the emergency exit row

• Minors under 15 • Pregnant women
• Customers traveling with pets • Customers traveling with babies
• Customers with any illnesses or medical conditions • Customers with any disability (cognitive, visual, auditory, speech, etc.)

Be aware that if you choose seats near the emergency exit, you must be able to assist the cabin crew in case of an emergency, and they could ask you to occupy another seat if necessary.

How much it costs to select my seat?

The price for each seat is per passenger for a single journey (taxes included) and may vary depending on the route and the seat type: Premium, More Space, First-off or Standard.

Seat prices are listed under Additional Services Fees.

Read our Terms and Conditions.