Volaris Hotels


Book the best hotel at the lowest rates

With the Volaris Hotels service, you can book your accommodation for the lowest price at any domestic or international Volaris destination.


· Save time and money looking for hotel accommodation.

· Quickly and safely find the best hotels at your destination.

· The service includes a wide range of hotels, and one of them is just right for you.

· Volaris Hotels are available at both domestic and international destinations.


Add hotel to your reservation

· If you already have a reservation, add the service at www.volaris.com 

· Contact our Hotel Call Center: 01-800-272-0248


Not flying with us?

You can book a hotel at any time even if you aren't flying with us this time.

Simply go to our Volaris Hotels website and make your reservation.

More Info...

For more information, please contact our Volaris Hotels Call Center at 01800 272 0248.