v.club is the membership that always lets you travel at the lowest price, regardless of how you choose to fly. Discover the benefits of v.club membership and we guarantee you'll get the best prices!

What are the benefits of signing up to v.club?

The lowest prices on all flights and ways travel.

Access to exclusive offers.

22 lb extra on checked baggage when you select Vuela Classic and Vuela Plus.

Discounts on baggage when you book flights.

v.club Sign up Guide

With our sign up guide, learn step by step how to become a member or if you're already a member, find out how to always book your flights at the lowest price. Should you need to renew or upgrade to group membership, we'll also tell you how.


You can sign up by booking flights with v.club prices for a single passenger. It's valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.


You can sign up by booking flights with v.club prices for more than one passenger (maximum 7). It's valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

Monthly subscription

You can obtain the Individual membership by subscribing to v.club with a monthly payment charged to your credit card. It's not necessary to book a flight. It´s valid for 1 year from the date of subscription.

*You can upgrade your membership from Individual to Group, booking a flight for yourself and up to six more passengers. The validity can't be modified, it runs for 1 year from the purchase of the individual membership. In case of a monthly subscription, it´s not possible to upgrade to a group membership.

v.club username

The email address you use when purchasing your membership will also be your v.club username.

Personal details


When filling out the registration form, fill in your personal information as it appears on your official documents.

Member's age

The holder of the v.club membership must be of legal age.

Group benefits

In order for accompanying passengers to enjoy the exclusive promotions and prices of the group membership, the holder must be included in the reservation.

Membership on board

If you purchased your membership on board, please contact us at vclub@volaris.com for its activation.

v.club with Hold Your Fare

If you choose the Hold Your Fare service or pay your reservation through a third party, the membership will be activated until the reservation is fully paid.