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Get the scoop on the best club for budget-friendly flights and exclusive benefits.

Join today and enjoy the best benefits

On all flights with any fare

Exclusive deals and discounts

$500 MXN welcome voucher for your first flight

How to become a member?

Included in the Zero option

Being part of the club to fly at the lowest price has never been easier.

1. Choose the Zero option when booking a flight.

2. When you reach the confirmation page post-payment, click "Set password now".

3. Create a secure and easy-to-remember password, you'll need it to access exclusive prices whenever you want to book a flight.

On our website

You can also get it by following these steps:

1. Head over to the site and click register.

2. Choose your membership type: Individual, Duo, or Friends and Family.

3. Pick your subscription plan: monthly or yearly.

4. Enter your details to create an account.

5. Complete the payment.

Log in to make the most of your

As a member of the lowest-price club, your benefits automatically unlock when you log in before your next flight search.

Follow these steps:

1. Go to and log in at the top right.
3. Select your flight with any of our three options: Zero, Basic, and Plus.
4. Complete your purchase with the applied discount.
5. You are all set. See you on board!

Repeat this process on all your flights to always travel at the lowest price.

Renewing your membership is very easy

If you purchased your through, it will automatically renew at the end of the membership period you selected (monthly or annual).

On the other hand, if you obtained it by booking a flight with the Zero option, you will need to book another flight choosing the same option at the end of your year of benefits.