What is v.club?

v.club is the membership that always lets you travel at the lowest price, regardless of how you choose to fly. Discover the benefits of v.club membership and we guarantee you'll get the best prices!

What are the benefits of signing up to v.club?

Purchase at the lowest prices in every flight and all three ways to travel.

Save a minimum of $100 MXN ($5 USD) on every flight.

Exclusive offers every Thursday.

22 lb extra checked baggage when you select Vuela Classic and Vuela Plus.

Choose your membership

Select your plan and start enjoying the benefits

Upgrades and renewals


How to upgrade my v.club to a group membership?

If you would like to upgrade your membership to group membership, follow the same steps when booking your flights. Just choose the number of people traveling, and the additional fee will be added to your shopping cart. You can add up to six people besides the memberhsip holder.


How can I renew my membership?

If you want to renew your membership, log in with your username and password on volaris.com. Follow the same steps when booking your flights. When a message appears asking if you would like to renew your membership, accept, and complete your purchase. You can now continue enjoying the benefits of v.club.


You can also acquire the membership on board

You can acquire the membership from one of our flight attendants. After your flight, send a photo of your ticket together with your full name to vclub@volaris.com, and we will send you a code and instructions to activate your membership.


Products that include v.club

The Volaris INVEX 2 card and v.pass subscription include an individual v.club membership.