v.club Friends & Family



v.club Friends & Family is the membership to travel as a group at the lowest prices on each flight and fare in Volaris. Plus, kids only pay the Airport Use Fee (also known as TUA).

The best benefits to fly with all your loved ones


What are the benefits of v.club Friends & Family?

v.club Friends & Family gives you the following benefits to travel with up to 8 buddies:

■ Save up to $500 MXN on each flight and fare in Volaris

■ Exclusive offers

■ Kids only pay for the Airport Use Fee (also known as TUA)

■ Get exclusive prices on hotel deals and vacation packages at yavas.com

You may travel with different companions each time. Remember that the membership holder must be 18 years or older.


Children only pay the Airport Use Fee (TUA)

With v.club Friends and Family, kids now fly at very low fares.

■ Only applies to kids between 2 and 12 years old

Kids 2 and 12 years old only pay the Airport Use Fee (TUA). Applies to reservations made at least 14 days before the date of the flight.

 This benefit is valid on specific dates and domestic flights in Mexico

For available dates, check out the terms and conditions.

 You can bring up to 4 children per reservation

The membership holder must always be on the itinerary.


How much is v.club Friends & Family?

The annual price of v.club Friends & Family depends on the route:

$1,999 MXN for domestic routes*  / 149.99 USD for international routes*


*The price may vary depending on the currency that you select when booking a flight. 


How to get v.club Friends & Family?

It's as easy as booking a flight:

■ Go to volaris.com

■ Choose your destination and dates.

■ Select more than two passengers (maximum of 9 including the holder)

■ Select v.club prices.

■ Choose your flights and fare: Basic, Classic, or Plus.

■ Fill out the form to register.

■ We will add the membership's cost to your shopping cart.

■ Enter your details exactly as they appear on your official ID.

■ Complete your purchase and enjoy the benefits!


How to use your v.club Friends & Family membership

■ Go to volaris.com

■ Log in with your v.club account.

■ Search for a flight for more than 2 passengers (maximum of 8 including the holder).

■ You will see the discounted prices.

■ Complete your purchase and enjoy your trip.



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