v.club Sign up Guide


What is the v.club sign up guide?

With this sign up guide, obtaining your v.club membership and using it to fly at the best price will be a breeze. Just follow the steps and begin enjoying the benefits. 

How can I get v.club?

1. Go to volaris.com.

2. Choose origin, destination and dates.

3. Activate v.club prices.

4. Select flights and way to travel: Basic, Classic or Plus.

5. Fill in the form to create your account.

6. Enter your details and click to create an account.

7. The membership fee will be added to your shopping cart.

8. Complete your purchase and enjoy the v.club benefits!

How can I purchase flights with v.club?

1. Go to volaris.com.

2. Login with your v.club user and password.

3. Choose origin, destination an dates.

4. You will see the flight options with the v.club prices.

5. Select your flights and type of reservation: Basic, Classic or Plus

6. Complete your purchase and enjoy your trip!

How to upgrade my v.club to a group membership?

If you would like to upgrade your individual membership to a group membership, follow the same steps when booking your flights. Just choose the number of people traveling and the additional cost will be added to your shopping cart. You can add up to six people beside the main member.

How can I renew my membership?

If you want to renew your membership, log in with your username and password on volaris.com. Follow the same steps when booking your flights. When a message appears asking if you would like to renew your membership, accept, complete your purchase, and you're done. You can now continue enjoying the benefits of v.club.


Other ways of acquiring v.club

You can also get v.club with a monthly subscription. In this case, you don't need to book a flight, and the fee will be charged to your credit card each month.

Or you can get it on board your next flight from one of our flight attendants. After paying, send a photo of your ticket together with your full name to vclub@volaris.com, and we will send you a code and instructions to activate your membership.