Assistance for adults over 60

Volaris is with You

Volaris Is With You is a service intended to assist seniors (age 60 +) in their check-in at the departure airport, while boarding, during the flight, and until they reach their destination.

  • Volaris

    Is it mandatory to hire the service for a senior?

    The service for seniors is optional.

  • Assistance

    Assistance Conditions

    If a senior has a specific dietary need or needs to take a particular medicine, our staff will not be responsible for controlling the provision thereof.

  • Restrictions

    When is the service not applicable?

    If a senior has an impairment and is not able to be self-sufficient (senile dementia, Alzheimer's, or degenerative illnesses), the service will not be applicable. Also, it does not apply for bookings that already have the CBX service included.

What to do when arriving at the airport?

Upon arrival at the airport check-in counter, the senior or their companion must provide their details (name, phone number, address, and an official identification) and the contact details of the person who will receive the senior at the destination airport. They must declare, under penalty of perjury, whether the senior is fit to travel unaccompanied or not, and they must exonerate Volaris from any responsibility regarding their state of health.

Where can I get Volaris Is With You service?

For an additional fee, you can acquire this service at the Customers' step during your purchase process at, through our Call Center, in My trips, in the Volaris app, or at the airport counters (subject to availability).



· It does not include transportation to/from the airport.

· If you require a wheelchair, you can request it when purchasing your flights, at the counter before your flight or through our Call Center. 

· For information on the price of the service, please refer to additional services fees.

· The price for this service is per customer, per flight, and is not transferable.