Pregnant women

Before booking your flight

We recommend consulting your doctor to determine if it's safe to travel by air, considering the probability of situations like turbulence, pressurization, and lack of access to immediate medical attention.


IATA Recommendations

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommends traveling only until the 36th week of gestation and when there have not been any complications with the pregnancy.  

During the Flight

Fasten your seatbelt around your hips, not around your abdomen.

It is not recommendable

To travel after the 8th month (36 weeks) of pregnancy or within the first 7 days after giving birth.

Multiple pregnancy

In the case of multiple pregnancy, the recommendation is to travel only until the 32nd week.

Can I travel after the 36th week?

After the 36 weeks, you must present a medical certificate that includes:

· Authorization from your physician to travel by air that indicates the duration of the flight and the date until which you are authorized to travel.

· Full name, professional license number and contact number of your physician.

· Traveler's full name.

Notification of Pregnancy or Illness

If you do not have a doctor's certificate, you must complete and sign the Notification of Pregnancy or Illness form provided by Volaris, indicating that you are aware of the risks of flying.

The Notification of Pregnancy or Illness form must be printed at the airport to be filled out and kept on file.



Pregnant women are not permitted to sit in emergency exit seats.

The airport of origin will be responsible for keeping either a copy of the medical certificate or the original waiver form, depending on the case.