Minors Under 2 Years Old

Be ready to fly along with your little one.


Check the Additional Services Fees here.

This service is available for customers traveling with an infant over 7 days and under 2 years old.


When paying the corresponding fee for this service, you are allowed to carry, in addition to your baggage, the following baby items onboard:

· A diaper bag that measures no more than 9.8 x 15.7 x 15.7 inches, which will be placed in the airplane compartments above your seat.

· A baby carrier. (If there is no room for it on board, it must be checked.)

· A stroller for your baby, which you’ll leave at the aircraft entrance, and receive when arriving at your destination.

When traveling with minors, remember...

· The adult holding the infant cannot travel in a window seat nor in an emergency exit.

· On the reservation, there must be one adult for every infant.

· For the infant's comfort, we suggest that the adult brings food and items needed for her or his care on the cabin baggage.

· This service applies only if your baby is between 7 days and 2 years old. Remember that the transportation of baby items is only allowed when covering the charge for this service.

· You must present a valid ID for the baby. It might be a birth certificate or a vaccination certificate.

· For more information on what to do if your baby is older than 2 years, click here.

· For security reasons and due to the number of supplemental oxygen masks, only 4 customers may fly per row.

Special Considerations


· If you purchased a round-trip flight and the infant turns 2 years old during the period of the trip, you must pay the infant baggage service (which allows you to transport a stroller, a diaper bag and a baby carrier) for the outbound flight and purchase an adult ticket for the return.

· The adult must hold the baby on her or his legs during the entire flight. If you want your infant to travel in a baby seat, you must buy an adult ticket. Only baby seats approved by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for use in an aircraft carrier (check information behind the chair) are permitted in the cabin.

· If you are flying with two babies, only one can be held on the the adult’s legs and the second one must buy a ticket (this will allow for a checked baggage too).


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