Adults over 60 years old

Check the services we have for our customers over 60 years old.


Ask for the service Volaris is with you for adults over 60, who need assistance during the flight, from the documentation process at the airport of origin, until the destination, for yourself or a family member.



  • Our Volaris service for adults over 60 is optional
  • The service consists in assisting unaccompanied seniors from the departing airport, on board, and until they get to their destination. It does not include transportation to/from the airport
  • You can purchase this service during the booking process in www.volaris.com, through our Call Center, or at the airport counter (subject to availability of space, there is a limit of 2 unaccompanied seniors per flight). The price for this service is per customer, per single flight, and is not transferable.
  • When purchasing this service, the senior adult must be accompanied by a person over 18 who can provide their personal information (name, phone, address and official identification), the information of the person who will travel, and of the contact who will meet him at the destination airport, and must declare under oath that their statement about the travel condition of the Unaccompanied Senior is true and that they release Volaris from all responsibility regarding their health condition.
  • In case the senior adult suffers illness or a special condition, preventing him to care for himself, this service does not apply. Find out more information about Cognitive disability and emotional support here and for visual, hearing, vocal, and physical disabilities here.

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