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Our Vision

Going above and beyond to create and provide the best travel experiences.


Our Mission

With the best people and low prices, we enable more people to travel well.

Where do we travel?



We fly to 71 destinations in Mexico, the United States, Central America, and South America. 

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Daily flights 

We offer more than 400 daily flights on 211 routes.

Our History

Concesionaria Vuela Compañía de Aviación, S.A.P.I. de C.V., better known as Volaris, is an ultra low-cost airline with flights throughout Mexico, the US, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and El Salvador. Volaris offers low-cost airline tickets to develop the market, offering Customers high-quality service and a wide range of products.

We launched in 2003 when the Discovery Americas I and Columbia Equity Partners investment funds joined forces with TACA Airlines to create a new ultra low-cost Mexican airline that would offer the opportunity to fly to a greater number of Mexicans.

We took to the skies for the first time on March 13, 2006, with the inaugural Toluca-Tijuana flight. On July 12 of the same year, the World Bank, through its financial arm in Latin America, granted us $40 million in funding bringing our total investment up to $130 million.

Our current ownership structure is made up of a diverse group of both Mexican and international partners in addition to a public portion, where our affiliate Controladora Vuela Compañía de Aviación, S.A.B. de C.V. is listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV) under ticker symbol "VOLAR" and on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under ticker symbol "VLRS".

Our fleet

We have 134 aircraft of the Airbus family:

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    3 aircraft

  • Volaris


    93 aircraft (including 51 neo)

  • A321


    38 aircraft (including 28 neo)

The youngest fleet

We have the youngest fleet in Mexico with an average aircraft age of just 5 years.


Sharklets are devices that reduce approximately 1,000 tons of C02 emissions per year, minimizing the environmental impact as a result.


We are the first airline in North America to incorporate the A320neo, which operates with a lower environmental impact and greater efficiency.



As a company that has taken on Sustainability as part of its business strategy, we have the responsibility of generating value for our Stakeholders. We reinforced our commitment to the future of new generations by creating the ideal context for the ultra-low-cost aviation business to continue being a driving force and a source of employment for many years to come.

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