Overweight Baggage

Overweight Baggage


You can add up to 22 lbs. (10 kg) extra, divided between two standard-sized carry-on bags (44 lbs. in total) as long as they comply with the required measurements.

When adding extra weight to your carry-on during your booking process or at our My Trips section, you will get the following benefits:

- Priority Boarding
- Priority to take your baggage on board in the cabin compartments (subject to availability)
- An additional 22 lbs. (10 kg) to take on board, divided among two pieces of carry-on baggage (44 lbs. in total)

In case you exceed the allowed weight and measurements for your standard-sized carry-on on each fare, you will have to check your bags covering the corresponding charges. 

Excess Baggage Ranges

If your bag weighs more than 55 lb (25 kg), you'll have to pay the overweight fee according to the ranges:

26-30 kg / 31-35 kg / 36-40 kg / 41-45 kg

57.3 - 66.1 lb / 68.3 -  77.1 lb / 79.3 - 88.1 lb /  90 - 99.2 lb


Bags or items that weigh more than 99 lb (45 kg) or measure more than 78.7 in (200 cm) are not permitted as checked baggage.


The fee applies to any checked item (including sports equipment, musical instruments, and/or checked pets).

If one of your baggage items exceeds the weight limit, you must pay both fees.