Three better ways to travel

                To book cheap flights online, pick Vuela Basic by Volaris 

If you want to pack light, choose Vuela Basic. This option allows you to bring 2 pieces of carry-on baggage weighing a total of 22 lb (10 kg) between them.

                   To book cheap flights with baggage, pick Vuela Classic by Volaris

If you need to bring more things, travel with Vuela Classic, which includes a 55 lb (25 kg) piece of checked baggage as well as 2 carry-on bags weighing a total of 22 lb (10 kg) between them.

                 To book cheap flights with seat selection, pick Vuela Plus by Volaris

If you like sitting in your favorite seat, prefer being among the first to board, and have to pack for the whole family or fill your suitcase with souvenirs, Vuela Plus is the best option for you. This option gives you standard seat selection, priority boarding, and lets you bring a 55 lb (25 kg) checked bag and 2 carry-on bags weighing a total of 44 lb (20 kg) between them.

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Regardless of the travel option you choose, the total allowed carry-on baggage weight is divided between two bags.

Seat Selection

The Vuela Plus seat selection does not include rows 1-5 or emergency exit seats.

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Add Optional Services

No matter which way you choose to travel, you can always add extra services to your trip, such as car rentals, hotels, extra baggage, or traveling with pets. Visit our Optional Services section to learn about everything we offer to improve your trip.