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How to travel on a code share flight?

Here you can check everything you need to know when traveling to any of our new destinations with a code share flight, where a segment of your flight is operated by FRONTIER.

Connecting Flights

In a code share flight, you must pick up your baggage in the connection airport and leave it on the counter of the airline that will take you to your final destination. There will be signage at the airport to guide you to the “Bag Drop”.

Know how to travel in code share

How to make your Bag Drop

What is a Code Share agreement?

Volaris Mexico has associated with Frontier to share routes and flights, thus expanding the variety of destinations. That is how Volaris Mexico can sell flights operated by Frontier, and vice versa.

Are flights operated to and from Central America also included on the Frontier Code Share agreement?

Currently, the only flights included are those between Mexico and the United States, operated by Volaris Mexico and Frontier.

Do all Volaris Additional Services apply for Frontier flights?

At the moment, according to the Code Share agreement, our ‘Travel with your Pet’ and ‘Volaris is with You, Unaccompanied Minor’ services are not available on Frontier flights. For more information about all our other Additional Services, please visit the Optional Services section at our website.

Which compensation policies apply to passengers traveling on Code Share flights?

If you acquired your flight with Volaris, our passenger compensation policy remains the same. You can read more about it in our Baggage Policy.

Which are the Payment Options on flights with a Code Share agreement?

Remember that the payments options remain the same as always, only if you acquired your flight with Volaris. Please review our Payment Options.

What should I do if my bag is misplaced?

In the event of baggage delay or loss, you must go to the collect baggage area and contact the airline that operated the flight heading to your final destination, in order to generate a report and follow up to find your misplaced checked baggage.

Has something changed regarding the Baggage Policy for flights operated by Volaris and Frontier?

All the rules applying to Carry On and Checked Baggage remain the same, as our usual Volaris Baggage Policy. For more information visit Baggage Policy.

If I purchase with a Volaris INVEX Card, will I have the same benefits as in regular Volaris flights?

The benefits that come with your Volaris INVEX Card don’t apply to shared code flights or any other alliances that Volaris may have with other airlines. This includes domestic and international flights that have a segment with this characteristic, making the complete itinerary not able to receive such benefits. For more information, please visit

What is the check-in process on flights with a Code Share?

The check-in process for your baggage is the same in both Frontier and Volaris; you’ll be asked to hand in your passport, visa (if applies) and boarding pass. In any scenario, you must pick up your baggage at the connection airport and leave it on the airline that will take you to your final destination.

Are Volaris and Frontier the same airline?

Volaris and Frontier are different airlines; together, they offer over 30 new destinations in the United States to make you travel much more, at lower prices.

How can I get an invoice for my shared code flight?

Your can only get an invoice for flights purchased on Volaris selling points by requesting it on any of the 30 calendar days following your purchase. Get a Digital Fiscal Receipt, or send an email to with your reservation code, Federal Taxpayer Registry, email, company name and name of the passenger making the request.

How do I get my boarding pass?

When you purchase a Code Share flight, you will receive a confirmation email with your reservation code. You can also get your reservation code on our website, at the airport counters or by contacting one of our Call Center operators.

This code will be necessary for you to begin your Check-In process and get your boarding pass. You must Check-In with the airline operating your flight. For example, if your first trajectory is operated by Volaris, then you must do your Check-in with Volaris. And if your return ticket is operated by Frontier, you must do your Check-in with Frontier. In every scenario, you must pick up your baggage on the first connection point and leave it on the counter of the airline with which you’re flying next. To get your Frontier reservation code, please contact one of our operators through our Call Center.

Which is my Frontier reservation code?

It is the alphanumeric key that identifies your reservation, e.g. ABC123. The Frontier reservation code is different than the Volaris reservation code. In order to get it, please contact us through our Call Center.

Can I choose my seats when purchasing a flight on one of these routes?

You can choose your seat only on flights operated by Volaris. For flights operated by Frontier, your seat will be assigned automatically at the moment of getting your boarding pass.

Need any more help?

If you need more information, you can get in touch with us through our social media networks, where we will solve any query you may have related to your flight.

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