Volaris and Frontier Airlines codeshare flights

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What is a code share?

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A shared code allows you to book seats on flights operated by another airline. That means that you can combine Volaris flights with Frontier flights to create an itinerary with multiple destinations.

This code share agreement makes your trip much more convenient, since the booking process, check-in and baggage policy will be adapted to the airline with which you purchased your flight.

Plus, we made sure to coordinate the timetables so you can have enough time to make it to your connection!

For more information about the process of a shared code flight, click here.

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Who will operate my flight?

In a code share flight, the airline on which you’re traveling is the one that operates, and the one with which you booked your seat is the commercial one.

You can identify which airline is operating your trip by the following: 

1. When you purchase your ticket.

2. On your confirmation email.

3. On your Check-in email, either 72 or 24 hours before your flight (depending on whether the first segment of your flight is a domestic or an international one).

4. And remember, you must do your Check-in with the airline that operates your first flight.

Baggage allowance

The baggage allowance will depend on the type of reservarion you chose with Volaris, according to our Baggage Policy.


When you book a code share flight, you will receive a confirmation email with your reservation code. 

It is important that you do your Check-in on the website or app of the airline that operates your first flight. 

Additional Services

You can keep enjoying all the exclusive Volaris benefits, such as: BaggageChoose your Seat, and Travel with an infant.  For more information about all our other Additional Services, please visit the Optional Services section at our website.

Need any more help?

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