Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Options

Hold Your Fare

How can I hold a fare for my flight?

You can hold a fare during the booking process. On step 2, you’ll find the “Book now, pay later” option in the lower side of the page. Click to hold the fare you like the most. For more info, please go to Hold Your Fare.


How long can I hold a fare without losing my booking?

Consider that if you don’t pay on the next 72 hours, you’ll lose your reservation.


What is the extra cost for holding a fare?

You can see the cost for this service on Additional Services Fees. Remember that you can pay by going to Add Extras, choosing the “Pay Your Reservation” option, and entering your reservation code and your email.

Third Party Payment

What do I need to make a Third Party Payment?

You need to book with at least 72 hours of anticipation, print your references and pay your flight in the following 24 hours at the bank or branch of your choice. See all the options at Third Party Payment.


Can I pay a change in my flight at a Third-Party branch? 

To make a change in your flight you must contact our Call Center and provide your data, including your reservation code. For more information, visit Flight Flexibility.


Is there an extra charge for making a Third Party Payment?

Commissions vary depending on the bank or branch of your choice. For more information, visit Third Party Payment.

Online Payment

What are the benefits of paying online?

This is the easiest way to pay! You can do it anywhere you are with no additional charges. Plus, all your information and your card details will be completely safe. Choose it as your payment method during the booking process at


Why is the fare shown online different than the one the Call Center gave me? 

Remember that our prices may vary depending on availability and on the amount of anticipation time with which you are doing your booking. On our website, you’ll find all the available current promotions.


Can I pay with a debit card?

Yes, you can pay for your reservation with a credit or debit card. For more information, please visit Payment Options.


Can I pay with more than one debit or credit card?

Yes, you can divide your payment among all the debit or credit cards you need. For more information, please visit Payment Options.

Deferred Payment

How can I know which are the participating credit cards to make deferred payments? 

You can defer the payment of your booking with the bank of your preference choosing the “Deferred Payments” option during your booking process. Consider that the participating banks and number of installments may vary. This service has an additional cost. For more information, please visit Deferred Payments.


Can I pay with two cards and defer the payments of one of them?

You can defer your payment if you pay with a single credit card. Remember that with our Volaris INVEX Card you get exclusive benefits such as payments in up to 3, 6 or 11 monthly installments free of interest. In order to pay with two cards, either debit or credit, your payment must be done in a single exhibit.


What can I do if I get double charged?

To validate a double charge and begin a reimbursement process you need to contact our Call Center:

Mexico:        01 (55) 1102-8000

USA:            1 855 VOLARIS (8652747)

Guatemala: +502-2269-9451 / +502-2301-3939

Costa Rica:  506-4000-0229 / 506-4002-7462


Do all the deferred payment options include interest-free installments ?

To get interest-free deferred installments, you can acquire our Volaris INVEX Card. It offers 3, 6 or 11 interest-free monthly installments on all Volaris purchases. Request it here. Valid only in Mexico.


What are the opening hours at your airport counters? 

Volaris airport counters are open from 4:00 am to 11:00 pm.


With which cards can I make a payment at the counter?

If you’re buying with enough anticipation, you can pay directly at the Volaris airport counters. Participating cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners.


Can I pay with a check at the airport? 

You can pay for your flight directly at the airport counters either in cash or with an INVEX, Mastercard, VISA, Diners or Discover Credit Card.


I went to the airport to pay and they won’t make my promotion valid. Why?

Remember that our promotions are subject to availability, which is why you must request a quotation on the dates in which the promotion applies. Prices may vary depending on flight availability.


Do you take euros or any other currency?

You can pay for your booking in dollars, Mexican pesos or Costa Rican and Guatemalan national currency. You can also do it using one of our participating cards. For more information, please see Payment Options.

Volaris INVEX Card

Why is it paying with INVEX better than with other credit cards?

Our Volaris INVEX credit card is the only one that offers 3, 6 or 11 monthly interest-free installments on all your Volaris purchases. Request it here. Valid only in Mexico.


Which promotions apply with the Volaris Invex Card? ***


When will the $1,000 MXN bonus be reflected on my INVEX electronic credit? 

It will be displayed on your Electronic credit after you make the first purchase with your Volaris INVEX Cards. Request it here. Valid only in Mexico.

Complete Your Payment

What can I do if I lost my reservation code or if I haven’t received it?

You can contact our Call Center to verify your data and confirm your reservation or to recover it:

Mexico:        01 (55) 1102-8000

USA:             1 855 VOLARIS (8652747)

Guatemala:  +502-2269-9451 / +502-2301-3939

Costa Rica:     506-4000-0229 / 506-4002-7462

Otherwise, on the day of your flight, go directly at the airport with an official ID with photograph.

Volaris GiftCards

What can I purchase with my Volaris Gift Card?

You can pay for the base fare, additional air services and taxes. Remember that it doesn’t apply for third-party services such as TripAssistance, Shuttle Service, Hotels, Rar Rental and Activities, CBX, OMA VIP Premium Lounge, Parking and For a Clean Sky.


Are Volaris Gift Cards accumulative?

Yes, you can have all the Volaris Gift Cards you want in your account, as long as this sum doesn’t exceed $46,999 MXN.


Can I recharge or transfer my Volaris Gift Card?

Volaris Gift Cards must be used only by the person who receives it. They are accumulative, non-transferrable and non-rechargeable.


What happens if the amount of my purchase is higher than the one on my Gift Card?

Your first form of payment must be your Volaris Gift Card. If the quantity to be paid is larger than the credit on your gift card, you must complete the payment with a credit or debit card.


Where can I see how much credit I have on my Volaris Gift Card?

You can check your credit by logging into you account on our website


What is the validity of the Volaris Gift Card?

You can use your Gift Card from the moment of the purchase and up to 365 days later.


How much electronic credit can I give in a Volaris Gift Card?

A Volaris Gift Card can be purchased with a minimum of $100 MXN and a maximum of $10,000 MXN, only in multiples of $100 MXN.


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