Home-Printed Bag Tag

Save time at the airport with the Home Printed Bag Tag

Now you can check-in your baggage from the comfort of your home or office. When you arrive at the airport, you will have a quick and easy experience when you deliver your baggage to our staff.


You only need to follow 3 steps:

Home Printed Bag Tag


1-       Print, your boarding pass, and Home Printed Bag Tag in the section Print your boarding pass 
Remember to put the Bag Tag Back Up inside the baggage you´re going to check-in.




Home Printed Bag Tag


2-       Activate. When you arrive at the airport, ask our staff for a plastic holder and insert the Home Printed Bag Tag.
Our staff will help you weigh and activate the Home Printed Bag Tag.
Don't forget to attach the tag to the bag handle.



Home Printed Bag Tag


3-       Deliver your baggage to our staff at the airport counters.





Now you are ready to board!

Only available for national flights departing from Mexico City and route  from Guadalajara to Mexico City.


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