Service dogs


Can I travel with a service dog?

Volaris allows dogs on board as service animals an all its flights at no additional cost so long as they meet the requirements.

What do I need to travel with a service animal or an emotional support animal?

People with visual impairment have the right to travel with a guide or service dog at no additional cost. The Volaris staff will help you to get to the counter, in the last waiting area, with boarding, and with connections.

Emotional and psychiatric support animals can travel in the cabin at no additional cost so long as you provide recent documentation (issued within a maximum of one year prior to the flight date) from a medical professional who specializes in mental health (such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, or licensed clinical social worker) indicating that the person is under professional care and requires the animal in order to travel on the aircraft. It must be issued on the official letterhead including the medical professional's professional ID number.

If the necessary documentation is not provided, the support animal can still travel on board by paying the corresponding fee for a Pet on Board or a Pet in Belly, depending on the case.

Vaccination record

The vaccination record that includes rabies vaccination* (maximum one year from the date of application and at least 30 days before the date of the flight) and valid deworming (no more than 6 months considering the date of the return flight).

*It also applies if your pet is 4 months old.

Health certificate

The certificate must be issued by a veterinarian on letterhead with the professional ID number. 

If the certificate does not include the professional ID number in the letterhead, you must also present a copy of the professional ID of the veterinarian.

Pet Transport Form

You must sign the pet transport form that will be provided at the Volaris counters at the airport.

SAGARPA/SENASICA animal health certificate

You must present the original and a copy of the animal health certificate for export issued by SAGARPA/SENASICA for flights from Mexico and Central America.

Frequent Traveler Pet Program

Customers from Mexico who have the Frequent Traveler Pet program only need to present the official certificate with current information issued by SENASICA and to fill out the form for pets that will be provided at the airport counters, otherwise, they must provide the previously mentioned documents.


Remember that if you are traveling with a service dog, it is important that you notify us when you book your flight and when you arrive at the airport so that we can provide you with the best possible location when it comes time to board the plane.

  • Travel

    Travelers must be accompanied if they have difficulty following safety instructions or require continuous attention.

  • Service

    You can find screens with flight departure and arrival information at most of our counters and boarding gates at the airport.

  • Volaris

    Please notify us in advance if you require special assistance and add Priority Boarding for the most comfort.