Let’s Speak Clearly


Let’s Speak Clearly

A different way to fly means choosing what you need from the start, which is why we're offering you three new ways to travel so you can fly the way you like. Vuela Basic, Vuela Classic, and Vuela Plus let you decide what to take on your flight.



Dare to be different, to fly the way you want, and with the baggage you want.

Our Baggage Policy is different since you choose to pay only for what you need and avoid paying for extra bags that you probably won't use. If you need to take more baggage, you can add up to 5 bags when booking or anytime before completing your check-in.

When you add weight to your carry-on baggage, you'll also get additional benefits, such as priority boarding, priority to take your carry-on baggage on board the plane to use the cabin compartments (subject to availability). You also get up to 22 lb (10 kg) extra weight onboard shared between your 2 standard-sized pieces of carry-on baggage (44 lb / 20 kg in total), so long as they comply with the standard size requirements.

Learn more about our Baggage Policy.


Space Between Seats

Being different means more people flying to more destinations with the best fares.

To help people travel with the lowest prices, we have reduced the amount of space between seats.

This way, more passengers can travel on each plane, which reduces the costs for everyone.

This is how we do things differently. More people traveling and traveling well, with the best prices.

Inflight Menu

Your flight fare does not include food or drinks on board since you would probably prefer not to cover that extra cost. However, you will find our In the Clouds Menu on board in case you get hungry or thirsty during your flight.

Additional Services

You can always complement your trips with our Optional Services or Combos.  This way you fly only with what you need – nothing more, nothing less.

Optional Services


To make sure you get the best price, it's better to add the Optional Services that you want prior to arriving at the airport, either during the booking process or in My Trips.