Optional Services

Package Deals

Where can I find out which are the Package Deals offered by Volaris?

Learn all the benefits offered by our More Baggage, More Flexibility and More Speed Packages on our Package Deals section.


How can I purchase one of your Package Deals? 

You can acquire them only at the moment of purchasing your flight, whether at www.volaris.com, through our Call Center or at our airport sales points.


Which benefits do I get by paying with a Volaris INVEX Card?

Besides the benefits of the package you choose, you’re allowed to take up to 10 kg extra on your first checked baggage.


Which benefits do I get by acquiring Priority Boarding?

You won’t have to worry about long waiting times at the boarding gate, since you’ll be one of the first to get on the plane and you’ll be able to store your cabin baggage before anyone else.


What is the Hop on/Hop off service offered on the More Flexibility Package?

With this service, you can change your flight for the one right before or the one right after the one previously booked, as long as it is to the same destination. You have until 4 hours prior to your original flight’s departure time to change your flight, and you can do it on My Trips section or through our Call Center. If you do it at our airport sales points, you have up to 24 hours before the original flight and up to 30 minutes after.


Will I have a reference number or a specific code as a beneficiary of this insurance? 

When hiring theTripAssistance service, we’ll send you your policy to the email registered at the moment of making your reservation. With this service, you’ll be protected starting 24 hours before and up to 24 hours after your flight.


Does the TripAssistance service apply per person or per reservation?

The TripAssistance service applies per person and its coverage lasts 24 hours before, and up to 24 hours after the flight, including the length of the stay in case of a round trip.

On-time Performance Guarantee

How does the On-time Performance Guarantee work?

If you purchase this product and you arrive at your final destination more than 30 minutes after the scheduled arrival time, as documented by the Operative Control Center, you'll receive an electronic credit of $1,000 MXN or $100 USD (depending on the booking currency). This will be sent to you by email to the address registered at the moment of purchasing your ticket. It has a validity period of 6 months for both purchasing a ticket and traveling.


Shuttle Service

How do I book a Shuttle? 

To book a shuttle, the customer must access: autos.volaris.com and follow the steps below:

1.       On the searchbox fill in

a.       Pick up and drop off locations (airport or address for hotels)

b.       Pick up and drop off dates

c.       Number of people

d.       Book!


Where can I see the Shuttle timetable?  

The timetable for the Shuttle Service is scheduled according to the departures and arrivals at the Cancun Airport.


Can I acquire this service upon arrival at the Airport? 

You can acquire this service during your booking process, at Add Services or through our Call Center. Please consider you can’t acquire this service at the airport, which is why you must book it with enough anticipation time.


Can I get an invoice for this service from Volaris? 

To get an invoice for the Shuttle Service, you must contact Mayatours. Get in touch through their Call Center in Mexico: (998) 847 4749 / 868 3029, or by writing an email to reservaciones@shuttlevolaris.com


What can I do if there is a setback with my Shuttle service?

You can contact the supplier of the Mayatours service through their Call Center: (998) 847 4749 / 868 3029, by writing an email to reservaciones@shuttlevolaris.com, or by Whatsapp: 9981 121 724.


Where can I download my voucher?

You can download your voucher at: www.cartrawler.com/portal-full/


If I have questions about getting my shuttle through Cartrawler, where can I get support?

To contact Cartrawler, you can call:

· From Mexico: +52 554 746 9798

  Mon - Sun: 2 am - 2 pm CST

· From USA:  001 855 454 9316 / 001 646 845 1888

  (24 hrs)

· Additional numbers: https://www.cartrawler.com/ct/services/customers/


Note: numbers above are related to Cartrawler Call Center Service, Shuttle transfer driver number will appear on your confirmation voucher.


E-mail for Customer support: customercare@cartrawler.com

Pet on Board and Pet in Belly

What kind of pets can travel with Volaris?

Dogs and cats that comply with the necessary documentation and requirements will be allowed on board. Please consider the special cautions you must take with either a Pet in Belly or a Pet on Board.


What can I do if my pet didn’t arrive on the same flight?

If your pet doesn’t arrive on your same flight, please refer to a Volaris Ambassador at the airport, providing your name and reservation code so your can receive the proper assistance and information regarding your pet’s arrival. 


What characteristics must my pet have to travel on board?

Your pet must weigh a maximum of 22 lbs. (pet + kennel), be in good health and comply with the sanitary requirements, be inoffensive, odorless, and not require special attention during their transportation. For more information, please visit Pet in Belly and Pet On Board.


Can I travel with service animals?

Yes, Volaris allows the transportation of service cats and dogs in the cabin with no additional charge. See requirements on Service Animals.

Volaris Hotels

Who can I contact if I have a setback with my hotel service?

Contact us on our Volaris Hotels Call Center: 01800 272 0248.


If my flight is cancelled, what can I do so I don’t lose my hotel reservation? 

Contact our Hotel Call Center 01-800-2-72-02-48 or visit us at Volaris Hotels.

Car Rental

To which destinations does the car rental apply?

Our Volaris Car Rental service is available for national and international destinations. You can see our routes on Car Rental.


Can I rent a car in one destination and leave it in a different one? ***

Cross Border Xpress CBX

Can I use my plane ticket to use the CBX Skybridge?

Your plane ticket is the proof of purchase you'll need in order to use the CBX Skybridge. Please consider that you must also show your passport and visa if you’re traveling from Mexico to the United States.


Can I leave the CBX Terminal and come back later?

Upon arrival to Tijuana, passengers must go directly to the CBX Skybridge to cross the border, which is why it’s impossible to leave the CBX Terminal.


Who should I contact if I have any doubt about customs or immigrations at the CBX Skybridge?

Information about customs and immigrations is available at the Customer Information Center of the CBX (located on the west wing of the terminal).  You can also send an email to support@crossborderxpress.com


Can I use the CBX Skybridge if I don’t have a boarding pass?

No, you can’t. The CBX Skybridge is only for passengers with a valid boarding pass for a flight leaving from TIJ and arriving within the following 24 hours.


FAQ’s Shuttles CBX


Do children need to pay CBX Shuttle service?

Kids under the age of 2 years old (24 months) don’t need to pay when acquiring the CBX Shuttle service, as long as they travel on the same seat as the adult that paid for it.


How much is the service to LA or intermediate stops with CBX Shuttle service?

The CBX Shuttle service to LA and intermediate spots has a cost of $26 USD per person; children under 2 years old (24 months) may travel free of charge.


Do you have a service to the Las Americas Premium Outlet with CBX Shuttle service?

There is a CBX Shuttle service to the Las Americas Premium Outlet every thirty minutes. Remember to plan ahead. 


How much is the service per person to travel to San Ysidro or Las Americas Premium Outlet with CBX Shuttle service?

The CBX Shuttle service to San Ysidro or Las Americas Premium Outlet has a cost of $7 USD per person; children under 2 years old (24 months) may travel free of charge.


How much is the service per person to travel to San Diego Airport or Santa Fe Depot with CBX Shuttle service?

The CBX Shuttle service to San Diego Airport and/or Santa Fe Depot has a cost of $12 USD per person; children under 2 years old (24 months) may travel free of charge.


Who can I contact if I have any query, need to review more information or have any situation related to the land transportation service acquired?

For any query, complaint or clarification regarding the CBX Shuttle service, you can contact us directly through our Damaris Express Call Center, from 6 am to 2 am, by calling 619-952-9846; or you can send an email to support@damarisexpressinc.com


Does the bus of CBX Shuttle service have a toilet service?

At the moment, we only have transportation with toilet service on trips to L.A with CBX Shuttle service.


How many seats do the buses have in CBX Shuttle service?

The CBX Shuttle service has a capacity of 52 to 56 passengers.


How can I locate the shuttles upon arrival at the Cross Border Xpress (CBX)?

When crossing the Cross Border Xpress (CBX), you’ll find the Shuttle service right next to the migration modules. Damaris Express is on the land transportation module.


Who could solve my questions regarding the transportation service, upon arrival at the Cross Border Xpress (CBX)?

For any doubt regarding the service, please ask the CBX Shuttle service personnel.


What happens if I lose any of my flights or if my itinerary is modified due to operative reasons? Can I still use the service?

If you lost a flight or made any change to your itinerary, you can use the CBX Shuttle service, as long as you explain the situation to the Damaris Express personnel so they can reschedule your trip. You can also contact the Damaris Express Call Center directly, from 6 am to 2 am, by calling 619-952-9846; or you can send an email to support@damarisexpressinc.com


What happens if my itinerary changed due to operative reasons and the flight that was rescheduled no longer coincides with a transportation service available in the timetable?

For your comfort, the CBX Shuttle service has a wide variety of schedules. In case your flight does not adjust to our timetables, you will get a refund.


If my flight was canceled for some reason, is the CBX Shuttle service still refundable?

If your flight was canceled, you can request a CBX Shuttle service with a validity of up to 6 months, or you can request a refund within the first 7 days after your flight was canceled.

Inflight Menu

 Is the Inflight Menu included in the cost of my boarding pass?

With Volaris, you can choose your way to travel (Basic, Classic or Plus) and the additional services that you need, such as In the Clouds Menu, for an extra cost.


Can I create a combo from the items of the Menu in any way I want?

Yes, you can choose from the great variety of delicious food and beverages in our Inflight Menu, either by item or in a combo, at a great price. 


Which payment methods are allowed on board?

You can pay in cash (only in Mexican pesos), or with debit or credit card (VISA and Mastercard).


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